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16247831 Natural products from marine organisms and their associated microbes.  
16457638 Bacterial symbionts: prospects for the sustainable production of invertebrate-derived pharmaceuticals.  
16884299 Brunsvicamides A-C: sponge-related cyanobacterial peptides with Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitory activity.  
17140562 Ilimaquinone, a marine sponge metabolite, displays anticancer activity via GADD153-mediated pathway.  
17216446 Effect of culture conditions on antifouling compound production of a sponge-associated fungus.  
17293531 Widespread occurrence and genomic context of unusually small polyketide synthase genes in microbial consortia associated with marine sponges.  
17497228 Abundance and bioactivity of cultured sponge-associated bacteria from the Mediterranean sea.  
17554047 Sponge-associated microorganisms: evolution, ecology, and biotechnological potential.  
17560324 Biomedicinals from the phytosymbionts of marine invertebrates: a molecular approach.  
18250337 Biosynthetic origin of natural products isolated from marine microorganism-invertebrate assemblages.  

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