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21242879 Inflammatory characteristics of rhBMP-2 in vitro and in an in vivo rodent model.  
21339959 Sterols from the Madagascar sponge Fascaplysinopsis sp.  
21731550 Phylogenetic identification of fungi isolated from the marine sponge Tethya aurantium and identification of their secondary metabolites.  
21985154 Diversity and bioactive potential of endospore-forming bacteria cultured from the marine sponge Haliclona simulans.  
22062817 An evaluation of selected methods for the decontamination of cattle hides prior to skinning.  
22276216 Trends in the discovery of new marine natural products from invertebrates over the last two decades--where and what are we bioprospecting?  
22310802 Diversity of bacterial communities associated with the Indian Ocean sponge Tsitsikamma favus that contains the bioactive pyrroloiminoquinones, tsitsikammamine A and B.  
22347566 Bioactive potential of Streptomyces against fish and shellfish pathogens.  
22470486 Structure-forming corals and sponges and their use as fish habitat in Bering Sea submarine canyons.  
22519438 Diversity and antibacterial activity of bacteria isolated from the coastal marine sponges Amphilectus fucorum and Eurypon major.  

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