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10327079 Comparison of two topical collagen-based hemostatic sponges during cardiothoracic procedures.  
10359261 The clinical, histologic, and ultrastructural presentation of polyvinyl sponge (Ivalon) breast prostheses removed for massive fluid accumulation.  
10398144 Thrombospondin-1 inhibits Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) cell and HIV-1 Tat-induced angiogenesis and is poorly expressed in KS lesions.  
10463447 Hazard analysis and critical control point evaluation of school food programs in Bahrain.  
10666496 Acellular mineral deposition in collagen-based biomaterials incubated in cell culture media.  
10716009 Women's attitudes to condoms and female-controlled means of protection against HIV and STDs in south-western Uganda.  
10777060 Quantitative assessment of marine sponge cells in vitro: development of improved growth medium.  
11076579 A beta-amino acid containing tripeptide from a Pseudomonas-alteromonas bacterium associated with a black sea sponge.  
11162035 Assessment of topical hemostats in a renal hemorrhage model in heparinized rats.  
11374967 Hortein, a new natural product from the fungus Hortaea werneckii associated with the sponge Aplysina aerophoba.  

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