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20031169 Effect of pravastatin on experimental diabetic wound healing.  
20479984 Marine drugs from sponge-microbe association--a review.  
20849448 Streptomyces associated with a marine sponge Haliclona sp.; biosynthetic genes for secondary metabolites and products.  
20887812 Improvement of acne vulgaris by topical fullerene application: unique impact on skin care.  
20929426 Anti-inflammatory activity of ethylacetate fraction of Cliona celata.  
21088979 Recovery and phylogenetic diversity of culturable fungi associated with marine sponges Clathrina luteoculcitella and Holoxea sp. in the South China Sea.  
21116410 Antiviral lead compounds from marine sponges.  
21246234 Cellular localization of debromohymenialdisine and hymenialdisine in the marine sponge Axinella sp. using a newly developed cell purification protocol.  
21262535 Nucleation and growth of mineralized bone matrix on silk-hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds.  
21309808 Implant-induced intraperitoneal inflammatory angiogenesis is attenuated by fluvastatin.  

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