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19908093 Prospective randomized study of doxorubicin-eluting-bead embolization in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma: results of the PRECISION V study.  
19923810 Targeted therapy of the inner ear.  
20090306 Pancreatic islet transplantation using vascularised chambers containing nerve growth factor ameliorates hyperglycaemia in diabetic mice.  
20453774 Description of a technique for vacuum-assisted deep drains in the management of cavitary defects and deep infections in devastating military and civilian trauma.  
20541949 Efficacy and safety of TachoSil┬« versus standard treatment of air leakage after pulmonary lobectomy.  
20570395 Reduction in central line-associated bloodstream infections by implementation of a postinsertion care bundle.  
20576821 Long-term treatment with potassium citrate and renal stones in medullary sponge kidney.  
20709072 Gross and microscopic morphology of lesions in Cnidaria from Palmyra Atoll, Central Pacific.  
20887812 Improvement of acne vulgaris by topical fullerene application: unique impact on skin care.  
21346838 Intra-operative 5-FU in Glaucoma Surgery: A Nigerian Teaching Hospital Experience.  

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