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21613227 MicroRNA-21 orchestrates high glucose-induced signals to TOR complex 1, resulting in renal cell pathology in diabetes.  
21620055 Postexplant residual cavity hemostasis with a TachoSil patch.  
21842286 The virtual isocentric aiming device: a new mechanical targeting concept.  
2194052 [Dermal patch anesthesia to prevent pain from dermal puncture--10% lidocaine aqueous gel with 3% glycyrrhetinic acid 3-0 hemiphthalate disodium].  
22062817 An evaluation of selected methods for the decontamination of cattle hides prior to skinning.  
22069210 Prevention of retained surgical items.  
22101782 2,4-DNT removal in intimately coupled photobiocatalysis: the roles of adsorption, photolysis, photocatalysis, and biotransformation.  
22211089 Oral infection by Staphylococcus aureus in patients affected by White Sponge Nevus: a description of two cases occurred in the same family.  
22313534 Essentiality of HIV testing and education for effective HIV control in the national pilot harm reduction program: the Taiwan experience.  
22572902 Treatment of full-thickness pressure ulcers with a gentamicin sponge: a case report.  

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