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22573240 Epidemic mortality of the sponge Ircinia variabilis (Schmidt, 1862) associated to proliferation of a Vibrio bacterium.  
230731 Distribution and further studies on the activity of prostaglandin E in chronic granulomatous inflammation.  
23081834 Collagen Gentamicin for Prevention of Sternal Wound Infection: Effective or Not?  
23083934 Silica nanogelling of environment-responsive PEGylated polyplexes for enhanced stability and intracellular delivery of siRNA.  
23196150 Essential plant oils and headache mechanisms.  
3435149 Distribution and significance of heterotrophic marine bacteria with antibacterial activity.  
3970825 The effect of adjuvant arthritis on the subsequent local inflammatory response in rats.  
6199518 Renal cell carcinoma--angioinfarction.  
7080814 The effect of D-penicillamine and methylprednisolone on the morphology of experimental granulation tissue in rats.  
7572949 Contraceptive methods and the risk of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in young women.  

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