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7721960 Sulfate restriction induces hyposecretion of the adhesion proteoglycan and cell hypomotility associated with increased 35SO4(2-) uptake and expression of a band 3 like protein in the marine sponge, Microciona prolifera.  
7794007 [Liver tumor targeting of drugs: Spherex, a vascular occlusive agent].  
7954745 Effect of peppermint and eucalyptus oil preparations on neurophysiological and experimental algesimetric headache parameters.  
8154246 Intra-operative use of 5-fluorouracil in glaucoma filtering surgery.  
8340060 Partial splenic embolization for the treatment of hypersplenism in cirrhosis.  
9191635 Percutaneous injuries during oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures.  
9300741 Efficacy of a belly board device with CT-simulation in reducing small bowel volume within pelvic irradiation fields.  
9447855 Aprotinin decreases blood loss and homologous transfusions in patients undergoing major orthopedic surgery.  
9466581 Glucocorticoid dynamics and impaired wound healing in diabetes mellitus.  
9485630 Treatment of fibrinolytic alveolitis with rifamycin B diethylamide associated with gelfoam: a histological study.  

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