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12702571 HTI-286, a synthetic analogue of the tripeptide hemiasterlin, is a potent antimicrotubule agent that circumvents P-glycoprotein-mediated resistance in vitro and in vivo.  
12762704 Organosilanes in synthesis: application to an enantioselective synthesis of methyl-l-callipeltose.  
1384855 Reversible depigmentation of human melanoma cells by halistanol trisulphate, a novel marine sterol.  
15070341 An asymmetric synthesis of hamigeran B via a Pd asymmetric allylic alkylation for enantiodiscrimination.  
1517995 Follicular steroidogenesis and oocyte maturation after superovulation of goats (Capra hircus) with gonadotrophins.  
15315431 A likely biogenetic gateway linking 2-aminoimidazolinone metabolites of sponges to proline: spontaneous oxidative conversion of the pyrrole-proline-guanidine pseudo-peptide to dispacamide A.  
15389636 Sustained Wnt protein expression in chondral constructs from mesenchymal stem cells.  
15571408 Insignificance of P-H...P hydrogen bonding: structural chemistry of neutral and protonated 1,8-di(phosphinyl)naphthalene.  
15795937 Enhanced angiogenesis characteristic of SPARC-null mice disappears with age.  
15825639 Sponge-associated bacteria: general overview and special aspects of bacteria associated with Halichondria panicea.  

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