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11268286 Cochlear gene delivery through an intact round window membrane in mouse.  
11665879 Seasonal variation in preovulatory events associated with synchronization of estrus in dwarf goats.  
12647954 Transfer of protein from milk to cheese.  
12878381 Survival of foodborne pathogens on stainless steel surfaces and cross-contamination to foods.  
1304027 Manipulation of reproduction in sheep.  
14766216 Impaired angiogenesis in SHR is associated with decreased KDR and MT1-MMP expression.  
15010860 Delayed angiogenesis in aging rats and therapeutic effect of adenoviral gene transfer of VEGF.  
16920 Species-specific aggregation factor in sponges. Sialyltransferase associated with aggregation factor.  
17497228 Abundance and bioactivity of cultured sponge-associated bacteria from the Mediterranean sea.  
1786195 Transfer of long-lasting tumor immunity by immune T cells from MHC congenic mice: migration, survival and tumor-protectivity of cytotoxic donor cells.  

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