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15168286 [Closed subfascial v.a.C.-therapy in periprosthetic hip infections].  
15645968 Bronchoscopic closure of bronchopleural fistula using gelfoam.  
15695836 The effect of an antimicrobial drain sponge dressing on specific bacterial isolates at tracheostomy sites.  
16610593 Shell disease: abnormal conchiolin deposit in the abalone Haliotis tuberculata.  
17986886 Union of a chronically infected internally stabilized segmental defect in the rat femur after debridement and application of rhBMP-2 and systemic antibiotic.  
21785411 The microRNA miR-29 controls innate and adaptive immune responses to intracellular bacterial infection by targeting interferon-γ.  
3219416 Collagen based biomaterials: an ideal way of increasing their resistance to infection.  
6279736 Enhanced susceptibility of mice infected with murine cytomegalovirus to intranasal challenge with Escherichia coli: pathogenesis and altered inflammatory response.  
9209141 [Four cases of late infection following scleral buckling procedure].  

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