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15264324 Improved collagen bilayer dressing for the controlled release of drugs.  
16462057 Characterization and evaluation of silk protein hydrogels for drug delivery.  
16644146 Identification of cis and trans-acting transcriptional regulators in chondroinduced fibroblasts from the pre-phenotypic gene expression profile.  
17650099 In vitro binding of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2), MMP-9, and bacterial collagenase on collagenous wound dressings.  
20560584 Electrified selective "sponges" made of Au nanoparticles.  
21137982 Bioactive electrospun silver nanoparticles-containing polyurethane nanofibers as wound dressings.  
21141991 Electrified Au nanoparticle sponges with controlled hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties.  
21319729 Isolation of the silicatein-α interactor silintaphin-2 by a novel solid-phase pull-down assay.  
21480594 Photochemically and electrochemically triggered Au nanoparticles "sponges".  
21699230 Electrochemically triggered Au nanoparticles "sponges" for the controlled uptake and release of a photoisomerizable dithienylethene guest substrate.  

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