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4067423 Lipoproteins of the extravascular space: enhanced macrophage degradation of low density lipoproteins from interstitial inflammatory fluid.  
8723032 The mode of rabbit platelet shape change and aggregation induced by theonezolide-A, a novel polyketide macrolide, isolated from the Okinawan marine sponge Theonella sp.  
8732754 Comparison of the structures of the cyclotheonamide A complexes of human alpha-thrombin and bovine beta-trypsin.  
8968728 Innervation and neurokinin receptors during angiogenesis in the rat sponge granuloma.  
9080591 Application of a radioreceptor assay to the screening and characterisation of compounds from marine organisms with activity at the phorbol ester binding site of protein kinase C.  
9105706 Sequential development of angiotensin receptors and angiotensin I converting enzyme during angiogenesis in the rat subcutaneous sponge granuloma.  

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