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19189070 NF-kappaB blockade upregulates Bax, TSP-1, and TSP-2 expression in rat granulation tissue.  
19252745 miRNA-dependent translational repression in the Drosophila ovary.  
19325841 MicroRNA: An emerging therapeutic target and intervention tool.  
19520427 Enhanced bone regeneration via multimodal actions of synthetic peptide SVVYGLR on osteoprogenitors and osteoclasts.  
2005375 Histochemical reactivity of the Geodia cydonium agglutinin (GCA) in human tissues.  
20067709 Investigation of DNA spectral conformational changes and polymer buffering capacity in relation to transfection efficiency of DNA/polymer complexes.  
20226280 Bioengineering of the silica-polymerizing enzyme silicatein-alpha for a targeted application to hydroxyapatite.  
20398424 The evolutionary diversification of LSF and Grainyhead transcription factors preceded the radiation of basal animal lineages.  
20423907 CREB up-regulates long non-coding RNA, HULC expression through interaction with microRNA-372 in liver cancer.  
20696137 Marine sponge-derived sipholane triterpenoids reverse P-glycoprotein (ABCB1)-mediated multidrug resistance in cancer cells.  

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