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112094 Aggregation of sponge cells. Function of a lectin in its homologous biological system.  
11300869 Inhibition of heme detoxification processes underlies the antimalarial activity of terpene isonitrile compounds from marine sponges.  
12761303 Molecular action mode of Hippospongic acid A, an inhibitor of gastrulation of starfish embryos.  
17193597 Cellular labeling with Gd(III) chelates: only high thermodynamic stabilities prevent the cells acting as 'sponges' of Gd3+ ions.  
18420601 Supramolecular structure of the casein micelle.  
19189070 NF-kappaB blockade upregulates Bax, TSP-1, and TSP-2 expression in rat granulation tissue.  
19274509 In vitro study of the effectiveness of three commercial adsorbents for binding oleander toxins.  
19648465 Self-recognition and Ca2+-dependent carbohydrate-carbohydrate cell adhesion provide clues to the cambrian explosion.  
3335775 Sponge aggregation factor: identification of the specific collagen-binding site by means of a monoclonal antibody.  
7361199 Prevention of nerve root adhesions after laminectomy.  

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