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12620834 Luminescence resonance energy transfer-based high-throughput screening assay for inhibitors of essential protein-protein interactions in bacterial RNA polymerase.  
17193597 Cellular labeling with Gd(III) chelates: only high thermodynamic stabilities prevent the cells acting as 'sponges' of Gd3+ ions.  
18680115 Heterolytic cleavage of peroxide by a diferrous compound generates metal-based intermediates identical to those observed with reactions utilizing oxygen-atom-donor molecules.  
19175306 Functional cell-based screening and saturation transfer double-difference NMR have identified haplosamate A as a cannabinoid receptor agonist.  
19562141 Theoretical study of proton encircling modes in proton sponges with tetraamido/diamino quaternized macrocycles: the role of pi-conjugated and aliphatic bridges.  

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