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10718964 Angiographic embolization for major haemorrhage after upper gastrointestinal surgery  
15167461 Cardiovascular effects and efficacy of a hemostatic agent in periradicular surgery.  
16508500 Evaluation of FloSeal as a potential intracavitary hemostatic agent.  
17040064 [Arterial injury associated with tension-free vaginal tape procedure successfully treated by radiological embolization: a case report].  
17693824 Comparison of a new hemostatic agent to current combat hemostatic agents in a Swine model of lethal extremity arterial hemorrhage.  
19130332 Is the zeolite hemostatic agent beneficial in reducing blood loss during arterial injury?  
19508736 Arterial embolization of an extrapleural hematoma from a dislocated fracture of the lumbar spine: a case report.  
20446504 Comparative testing of new hemostatic agents in a swine model of extremity arterial and venous hemorrhage.  
20673274 Comparison of 5 surgical techniques for partial liver lobectomy in the dog for intraoperative blood loss and surgical time.  
22406523 A detailed surgical method for mechanical decerebration of the rat.  

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