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10102194 Transcatheter arterial embolization for intractable epistaxis secondary to gunshot wounds.  
18212227 Percutaneous imaging-guided solid organ core needle biopsy: coaxial versus noncoaxial method.  
19491165 The frequency of bleeding complications after invasive dental treatment in patients receiving single and dual antiplatelet therapy.  
19853105 Prospective, randomized clinical trial of the FloSeal matrix sealant in cardiac surgery.  
20144498 Frequency of bleeding following invasive dental procedures in patients on low-molecular-weight heparin therapy.  
23021035 Intraoperative anaphylaxis to gelatin in topical hemostatic agents during anterior spinal fusion: a case report.  
8466003 Identification of patients at risk for excessive blood loss during coronary artery bypass surgery: thromboelastography versus coagulation screen.  

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