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12195202 Cyanoacrylate adhesive in management of severe presacral bleeding.  
15847873 Diagnosis and management of uterine arteriovenous fistulas with massive vaginal bleeding.  
15948754 Superselective embolization of bladder arteries in the treatment of intractable bladder haemorrhage.  
19069479 [Intra-arterial chemotherapy and chemoembolization in the combined treatment for locally advanced carcinoma of the head and neck].  
20096229 Transarterial embolization for control of bleeding in patients with head and neck cancer.  
2808713 Utilization of therapeutic embolization in haemorrhage caused by carcinoma of the tongue.  
8928461 [Arterial embolization in chronic hemorrhage from uterine neoplasms].  

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