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20303518 Outcome of transcatheter arterial embolization for bladder and prostate hemorrhage.  
207091 [Embolization by femoral catheterization of tumors supplied by the external carotid artery. 40 cases].  
2507148 Hemobilia: transcatheter occlusive therapy and long-term follow-up.  
2958057 Transcatheter embolization for treatment of acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding.  
3045373 A new hemostatic procedure for percutaneous transhepatic portal vein catheterization.  
3145148 Superselective gelfoam embolotherapy using a highly visible small caliber catheter.  
315725 Selective embolization for control of gastrointestinal hemorrhage.  
7455220 [Angiographic embolization of renal tumors (author's transl)].  
8340060 Partial splenic embolization for the treatment of hypersplenism in cirrhosis.  
8511294 Obstetric hemorrhage: prophylactic and emergency arterial catheterization and embolotherapy.  

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