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10327079 Comparison of two topical collagen-based hemostatic sponges during cardiothoracic procedures.  
10392949 Successful treatment of a pseudoaneurysm of the cystic artery with microcoil embolization.  
10452456 Dry fibrin sealant dressings reduce blood loss, resuscitation volume, and improve survival in hypothermic coagulopathic swine with grade V liver injuries.  
10524941 Intraoperative use of the absorbable fibrin adhesive bandage: long term effects.  
10588501 A comparative evaluation of hemostatic agents in the management of soft tissue graft donor site bleeding.  
10612529 Angiographic embolization for arrest of bleeding after penetrating trauma to the abdomen.  
10670590 Anticoagulation and minor oral surgery: should the anticoagulation regimen be altered?  
10718964 Angiographic embolization for major haemorrhage after upper gastrointestinal surgery  
10813765 Efficacy of a novel hemostatic agent in animal models of impaired hemostasis.  
1081839 Selective arterial embolization for control of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.  

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