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1081839 Selective arterial embolization for control of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.  
16177404 Postbiopsy splenic bleeding in a dog model: comparison of cauterization, embolization, and plugging of the needle tract.  
21629401 Embolization of musculoskeletal bone tumors.  
21871314 An unusual complication from hemostatic packing to control bleeding during cervical mediastinoscopy and an off-pump approach for the later exploration of the superior vena caval injury.  
7455220 [Angiographic embolization of renal tumors (author's transl)].  
833907 Percutaneous control of post-traumatic hepatic hemorrhage by gelfoam embolization.  
8541686 Treatment of hemobilia with selective hepatic artery embolization.  
981607 Intraluminal obliteration of the renal arteries in kidney tumors.  
9881212 [Bronchial embolization in the treatment of hemoptysis].  

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