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10718964 Angiographic embolization for major haemorrhage after upper gastrointestinal surgery  
11164398 Gluteal muscle necrosis following transcatheter angiographic embolisation for retroperitoneal haemorrhage associated with pelvic fracture.  
14697382 Uterine artery embolization: an effective treatment for intractable obstetric haemorrhage.  
15839974 Medical haemostasis in acute hepatocyte injury and experimental liver trauma.  
16525952 Haemostasis using a ready-to-use collagen sponge coated with activated thrombin and fibrinogen.  
16647188 Haemostasis in laparoscopy.  
16871839 [The use of pelvic packing for intraoperative hemorrhage during pelvic exenteration--case reports].  
18334469 Transcatheter arterial embolization of spontaneous rectus sheath haematoma in a Chinese woman.  
18462245 Case report of uncontrollable pelvic bleeding--managed by a previously unreported method (QuikClot).  
19129962 Use of a thrombin-gelatin haemostatic matrix in endoscopic endonasal extended approaches: technical note.  

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