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1112646 Selective arterial embolization for the control of traumatic splenic bleeding.  
17185687 Repeat uterine artery embolization: indications and technical findings.  
17708102 Blunt renal trauma: comparison of contrast-enhanced CT and angiographic findings and the usefulness of transcatheter arterial embolization.  
2958057 Transcatheter embolization for treatment of acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding.  
9196704 Solitary ileocolic arteriovenous malformation: spongostan and silk therapeutic embolisation.  
9599386 Complications associated with transcatheter arterial embolization for hepatic tumors.  
9756062 Superselective coil embolization in acute gastrointestinal hemorrhage: personal experience in 10 patients and review of the literature.  

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