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15302474 Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for renal tumor: Nagoya experience.  
15619019 Intraoperative packing of a pancreatic pseudocyst complicated with bleeding pseudoaneurysm.  
16121890 Absorbable laparoscopic cigarette sponge.  
16647188 Haemostasis in laparoscopy.  
23032705 [Use of TachoSil┬« in laparoscopic enucleoresection of renal masses smaller than 4 cm: our preliminary experience of 41 cases.]  
23173609 Hemoperitoneum presenting with the use of a topical hemostatic agent in oocyte retrieval: a case report.  
8489094 Pharmacologic hemostasis in laparoscopy: topical epinephrine facilitates cholecystectomy.  

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