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12297716 Anticipation of uterine bleeding in placenta previa based on vaginal sonographic evaluation.  
12918847 Small-intestinal bleeding from angiodysplasia after aortic valve replacement.  
19565529 Predisposing factors for massive hemorrhage during Cesarean section in patients with placenta previa.  
20670583 Arterial embolization for iatrogenic life-threatening bleeding from subcutaneous hypervascular tumor in prone position.  
21086376 [Use of human fibrinogen and human thrombin for urethral reconstructive surgery.]  
23002347 Emergency transcatheter arterial embolization for patients with acute massive duodenal ulcer hemorrhage.  
2971049 Transcatheter embolotherapy of massive bleeding after surgery for benign gynecologic disorders.  
3976637 Transcatheter embolization of the dorsal pancreatic artery to control massive postoperative bleeding.  
8339668 Recurrent massive bleeding from an intercostal artery aneurysm through an empyema chest tube.  

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