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11829234 Dental extractions in patients maintained on oral anticoagulant therapy: comparison of INR value with occurrence of postoperative bleeding.  
12512890 Control of bleeding in endoscopic sinus surgery: use of a novel gelatin-based hemostatic agent.  
1341992 Oral anticoagulant therapy in patients undergoing dental surgery.  
14663804 Hemostatic effect of n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (histoacryl) glue in warfarin-treated patients undergoing oral surgery.  
14750353 Hemostasis in endoscopic sinus surgery using a specific gelatin-thrombin based agent (FloSeal).  
1510262 A trial of desmopressin to reduce blood loss in patients undergoing spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis.  
16500469 FloSeal use in endoscopic sinus surgery: effect on postoperative bleeding and synechiae formation.  
16911649 Topical adrenaline in the control of intraoperative bleeding in adenoidectomy: a randomised, controlled trial.  
17237685 Use of a novel topical hemostatic sealant in lacrimal surgery: a prospective, comparative study.  
19375008 Randomized, prospective trial comparing bridging therapy using low-molecular-weight heparin with maintenance of oral anticoagulation during extraction of teeth.  

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