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10369341 Hypervascular spinal tumors: influence of the embolization technique on perioperative hemorrhage.  
12127814 Comparative study of the efficacy of the common topical hemostatic agents with fibrin sealant in a rabbit aortic anastomosis model.  
18188102 A novel biologic hemostatic dressing (fibrin patch) reduces blood loss and resuscitation volume and improves survival in hypothermic, coagulopathic Swine with grade V liver injury.  
19663955 What influence do anticoagulants have on oral implant therapy? A systematic review.  
20452609 Effect of TachoSil in a coagulopathic pig model with blunt liver injuries.  
7497725 Extravasation rates and complications of intraosseous needles during gravity and pressure infusion.  

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