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19129962 Use of a thrombin-gelatin haemostatic matrix in endoscopic endonasal extended approaches: technical note.  
19415291 Severe primary postpartum hemorrhage due to genital tract laceration after operative vaginal delivery: successful treatment with transcatheter arterial embolization.  
21550829 Embolisation for vascular injuries complicating elective orthopaedic surgery.  
21857603 Neurosurgical gossypiboma radiologically mimicking a lumbar abscess.  
22168971 Clip assisted use of gelatin-thrombin matrix sealant as a rescue procedure to treat a hidden arterial tear.  
2733289 [Successful repair of post-operative rupture of the left ventricular wall after mitral valve replacement].  
8511294 Obstetric hemorrhage: prophylactic and emergency arterial catheterization and embolotherapy.  
9565956 Experimental laparoscopic and thoracoscopic discectomy and instrumented spinal fusion. A feasibility study using a porcine model.  

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