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10475416 A sprayable hemostat containing fibrillar collagen, bovine thrombin, and autologous plasma.  
10477639 Hemostatic efficacy of fibrin sealant (human) on expanded poly-tetrafluoroethylene carotid patch angioplasty: a randomized clinical trial.  
10524941 Intraoperative use of the absorbable fibrin adhesive bandage: long term effects.  
10689630 Use of fibrin adhesive to reduce post-surgical adhesion reformation in rabbits.  
10813765 Efficacy of a novel hemostatic agent in animal models of impaired hemostasis.  
10881808 Controlled clinical trial of a novel hemostatic agent in cardiac surgery. The Fusion Matrix Study Group.  
10928531 Use of fibrin sealant as a hemostatic agent after liver biopsy in swine.  
11027461 Prevention of suture hole bleeding using fibrin sealant: benefits of factor XIII.  
11030881 Effective control of hepatic bleeding with a novel collagen-based composite combined with autologous plasma: results of a randomized controlled trial.  
11787027 Evaluation of a novel hemostatic device in an ovine parenchymal organ bleeding model of normal and impaired hemostasis.  

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