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136392 Current angiographic approach to diagnosis and therapy of acute gastrointestinal bleeding.  
14962658 Partial splenic embolization in patients with idiopathic portal hypertension.  
16252081 Percutaneous trans-hepatic obliteration for bleeding esophagojejunal varices after total gastrectomy and esophagojejunostomy.  
2922679 Transhepatic embolization of superior mesenteric varices in portal hypertension.  
3874897 Transhepatic obliteration of esophageal varices using stainless coils combined with hypertonic glucose and gelfoam.  
6965430 Control of gastroesophageal bleeding varices by percutaneous transhepatic portography.  
6970079 Transhepatic embolization of varices.  
8840237 Complications of percutaneous transhepatic catheterization of the portal venous system in patients with portal hypertension.  

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