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10509240 Embolization of superior mesenteric artery branches in dogs. Ischemic bowel changes depend on location of vessel occlusion and embolic materials.  
12522609 Retained surgical sponge with migration into the duodenum and persistent duodenal fistula.  
12814412 Neoadjuvant antiangiogenic therapy with tamoxifen does not impair gastrointestinal anastomotic repair in the rat.  
12962549 An unusual cause of small bowel obstruction: gossypiboma--case report.  
18611923 An incremental step in patient safety: reducing the risks of retained foreign bodies by the use of an integrated laparotomy pad/retractor.  
19249715 Postoperative small bowel obstruction associated with use of hemostatic agents.  
19258420 Enterocutaneous fistula in a dog secondary to an intraperitoneal gauze foreign body.  
22540110 Retained intra-abdominal artery forceps - An unusual cause of intestinal strangulation.  
23103757 Intraluminal migration of a surgical drain Report of a very rare complication and literature review.  
8219126 [The role of embolization treatment of acute hemorrhage].  

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