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16771721 Bladder reconstruction using a collagen patch prefabricated within the omentum.  
2361421 Effect of abdominal Ivalon rectopexy on bowel habit and rectal wall.  
468491 Effects of experimental embolization of superior mesenteric artery branch on the intestine.  
528164 Embolization of the spleen for treatment of splenomegaly and hypersplenism in patients with portal hypertension.  
7630144 Intraperitoneal sodium carboxymethylcellulose administration prevents reformation of peritoneal adhesions following surgical lysis.  
7889787 [Surgical therapy of rectal prolapse using rectopexy and resection. Effect of resection treatment on postoperative constipation and sphincter muscle function--a follow-up study of 112 patients].  

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