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12522609 Retained surgical sponge with migration into the duodenum and persistent duodenal fistula.  
12962549 An unusual cause of small bowel obstruction: gossypiboma--case report.  
16410135 Vacuum-assisted closure: a new method for treating patients with giant omphalocele.  
17593464 Laparoscopic retrieval of intraabdominal foreign bodies.  
18265852 Small bowel fistulas and the open abdomen.  
19196092 Use of collagen wrap from bovine origin for the management of colic perforation. Preliminary study in a pig model.  
19258420 Enterocutaneous fistula in a dog secondary to an intraperitoneal gauze foreign body.  
21469055 [A novel device for treating enteroatmospheric fistulae in the open abdomen].  

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