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11126918 Transdural cauda equina incarceration after microsurgical lumbar discectomy: case report.  
20186630 [Multidetector-row CT evaluation of acute bowel ischemia induced by embolization of superior mesenteric artery in experimental porcine models].  
23096059 Tensile Strength After Closure of Mesenteric Gaps in Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass: Three Techniques Tested in a Porcine Model.  
23103757 Intraluminal migration of a surgical drain Report of a very rare complication and literature review.  
2361421 Effect of abdominal Ivalon rectopexy on bowel habit and rectal wall.  
2929136 Metoclopramide reversal of decreased gastrointestinal myoelectric and contractile activity in a model of canine postoperative ileus.  

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