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10147169 Optimization of thickness, pore size and mechanical properties of a biomaterial designed for deep burn coverage.  
11853074 Magnification of the pore size in biodegradable collagen sponges.  
12559825 Nerve regeneration in a collagen-chitosan tissue-engineered skin transplanted on nude mice.  
15722137 Reversal of silver sulfadiazine-impaired wound healing by epidermal growth factor.  
16141027 Octylcyanoacrylate for the treatment of small, superficial, partial-thickness burns: a pilot study.  
17147703 Effect of burn injury on corticosteroid-binding globulin levels in plasma and wound fluid.  
17545947 Regulation of the postburn wound inflammatory response by gammadelta T-cells.  
18520204 Full-thickness skin grafts: maximizing graft take using negative pressure dressings to prepare the graft bed.  
20113940 Safety and immunogenicity observations pooled from eight clinical trials of recombinant human thrombin.  
22591432 Inspissated oral secretions and a review of their clinical, biological, and physiological significance.  

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