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15345965 Thermal injury resulting from application of a granular mineral hemostatic agent.  
15976689 [Cell therapy product (Dermagen) for treatment of hard-to-heal skin wounds].  
16920268 In vitro bactericidal efficacy of a new sun- and heat burn gel.  
18712606 Exothermic reaction in zeolite hemostatic dressings: QuikClot ACS and ACS+.  
19106039 Evolution of three dimensional skin equivalent models reconstructed in vitro by tissue engineering.  
20482980 Development of a wound dressing composed of hyaluronic acid sponge containing arginine and epidermal growth factor.  
2372320 Airway fires: reducing the risk during laser surgery.  
8371289 Effect of ibuprofen on the inflammatory response to surgical wounds.  

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