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10436535 [Keratinocyte transplantation and tissue engineering. New approaches in treatment of chronic wounds].  
11214753 Human preadipocytes seeded on freeze-dried collagen scaffolds investigated in vitro and in vivo.  
11691586 Collagen fibril network and elastic system remodeling in a reconstructed skin transplanted on nude mice.  
12559825 Nerve regeneration in a collagen-chitosan tissue-engineered skin transplanted on nude mice.  
14738190 Preadipocyte-loaded collagen scaffolds with enlarged pore size for improved soft tissue engineering.  
15936034 Differential expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 in vitro corresponds to tissue morphogenesis and quality assurance of cultured skin substitutes.  
15964623 Implantation of preadipocyte-loaded hyaluronic acid-based scaffolds into nude mice to evaluate potential for soft tissue engineering.  
520082 [Effect of exogenous collagen on the metabolism of burns in rats; the collagen treatment of large superficial excision wounds].  

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