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10741549 Structure-based design of a novel synthetic spiroketal pyran as a pharmacophore for the marine natural product spongistatin 1.  
10822586 Bilosespens A and B: two novel cytotoxic sesterpenes from the marine sponge Dysidea cinerea.  
11277756 Isolation and structures of haterumadioxins A and B, cytotoxic endoperoxides from the Okinawan sponge Plakortis lita.  
11374971 Thorectandrols A and B, new cytotoxic sesterterpenes from the marine sponge Thorectandra species.  
11707647 Increased cytotoxicity and stability of Lipiodol-pirarubicin emulsion compared to classical doxorubicin-Lipiodol: potential advantage for chemoembolization of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.  
12076641 Antibacterial activity against resistant bacteria and cytotoxicity of four alkaloid toxins isolated from the marine sponge Arenosclera brasiliensis.  
12088426 New nitrogenous eudesmane-type compounds isolated from the Caribbean sponge Axinyssa ambrosia.  
12110304 Synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of analogues of the marine pyridoacridine amphimedine.  
12492342 Structures and cytotoxic properties of sponge-derived bisannulated acridines.  
12818367 Tubulin polymerizing activity of dictyostatin-1, a polyketide of marine sponge origin.  

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