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1382622 [Hemobilia following biliary drainage: percutaneous treatment with arterial embolization and biliary fibrinolysis].  
14647886 The pathogenesis of catheter-related bloodstream infection with noncuffed short-term central venous catheters.  
14974824 Favorable healing following space creation in rhBMP-2-induced periodontal regeneration of horizontal circumferential defects in dogs with experimental periodontitis.  
15264571 [Evaluation of the impact of recreational dive activity on the community structure of some coral reefs at Los Roques Archipelago National Park, Venezula].  
15284019 Extracts from two marine sponges lower cyclin B1 levels, cause a G2/M cell cycle block and trigger apoptosis in SW-13 human adrenal carcinoma cells.  
15467413 Causes of arterial bleeding after living donor liver transplantation and the results of transcatheter arterial embolization.  
15619019 Intraoperative packing of a pancreatic pseudocyst complicated with bleeding pseudoaneurysm.  
15620935 Local gentamicin reduces sternal wound infections after cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial.  
15759564 On modeling center of foot pressure distortion through a medium.  
15825644 Sustainable production of bioactive compounds from sponges: primmorphs as bioreactors.  

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