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12816291 Inhibitory effects of incadronate on the progression of rat experimental periodontitis by porphyromonas gingivalis infection.  
14646049 Evaluation of dynamic visco-elastic properties during cartilage regenerating process in vitro.  
14968209 Cytotoxic effects of some animal and vegetable extracts and some chemicals on liver and colon carcinoma and myosarcoma.  
15379264 [Distribution of tetracycline-arginine-glycine-aspartate-tyrosine in mice and its effect on bone].  
15894526 Deletion of iNOS gene impairs mouse fracture healing.  
16077354 Persistence of indentation with bioabsorbable poly-L/D-lactide versus silicone sponge scleral buckling implants.  
16298386 The effects of added nanoparticles on aqueous kaolinite suspensions. I. Structural effects.  
16549937 Efficacy of gene transfer through the round window membrane: an in vitro model.  
17537125 Basic fibroblast growth factor in an artificial dermis promotes apoptosis and inhibits expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin, leading to reduction of wound contraction.  
18390923 Glucogenic supply increases ovulation rate by modifying follicle recruitment and subsequent development of preovulatory follicles without effects on ghrelin secretion.  

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