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12446944 Visco-elastic properties of cartilage tissue regenerated with fibroin sponge.  
12518800 Cytotoxicity evaluation of gelatin sponges prepared with different cross-linking agents.  
12572820 Effects of the 1998 coral morality event on Kenyan coral reefs and fisheries.  
12670720 Thrombospondin-1 promotes fibroblast-mediated collagen gel contraction caused by activation of latent transforming growth factor beta-1.  
12896810 The influence of alkyl pyridinium sponge toxins on membrane properties, cytotoxicity, transfection and protein expression in mammalian cells.  
1329143 Hepatocellular carcinoma: treatment with percutaneous ethanol injection and transcatheter arterial embolization.  
1405698 Detrimental sequelae on the wall of the internal mammary artery caused by hydrostatic dilation with diluted papaverine solution.  
14599618 Adrenomedullin is increased in the portal circulation during chronic sepsis in rats.  
14646049 Evaluation of dynamic visco-elastic properties during cartilage regenerating process in vitro.  
15348233 The influence of crosslinking agents and diamines on the pore size, morphology and the biological stability of collagen sponges and their effect on cell penetration through the sponge matrix.  

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