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20351430 Seasonal variations in the water quality, diversity and population ecology of intertidal macrofauna at an industrially influenced coast.  
20456668 Changes in the aerobic vaginal bacterial mucous load after treatment with intravaginal sponges in anoestrous ewes: effect of medroxiprogesterone acetate and antibiotic treatment use.  
20473665 Open circuit versus closed circuit enrichment of anodic biofilms in MFC: effect on performance and anodic communities.  
20482980 Development of a wound dressing composed of hyaluronic acid sponge containing arginine and epidermal growth factor.  
20723 Local hyperalimentation of experimental granulation tissue.  
21299094 Environmental state and tendencies of the Puerto Morelos CARICOMP site, Mexico.  
21493303 Effects of NasoPore packing in the middle ear cavity of the guinea pig.  
21571319 Azelnidipine, a new calcium channel blocker, promotes skin wound healing in diabetic rats.  
2175229 Electrical effects of okadaic acid extracted from black sponge on rabbit sinus node.  
21939132 Using a data-matrix-coded sponge counting system across a surgical practice: impact after 18 months.  

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