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10027302 Inflammatory cell-mediated tumour progression and minisatellite mutation correlate with the decrease of antioxidative enzymes in murine fibrosarcoma cells.  
10561721 Identification of two novel mutations in keratin 13 as the cause of white sponge naevus.  
11703875 Demographic history of Diadema antillarum, a keystone herbivore on Caribbean reefs.  
15452838 The keratins and their disorders.  
16181779 Variolin B and its derivate deoxy-variolin B: new marine natural compounds with cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor activity.  
16274252 Tubulin assembly, taxoid site binding, and cellular effects of the microtubule-stabilizing agent dictyostatin.  
19364879 Medullary sponge kidney associated with primary distal renal tubular acidosis and mutations of the H+-ATPase genes.  
19648465 Self-recognition and Ca2+-dependent carbohydrate-carbohydrate cell adhesion provide clues to the cambrian explosion.  
20448065 Identification of GDNF gene sequence variations in patients with medullary sponge kidney disease.  
22645290 White sponge nevus caused by a missense mutation in the keratin 4 gene.  

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