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18548102 Spongistatin 1: a new chemosensitizing marine compound that degrades XIAP.  
19233161 NP04634 prevents cell damage caused by calcium overload and mitochondrial disruption in bovine chromaffin cells.  
19452098 [Proctological surgery: use of a salsobromoiodic gel solution in the post-operative period].  
19648465 Self-recognition and Ca2+-dependent carbohydrate-carbohydrate cell adhesion provide clues to the cambrian explosion.  
19836641 Tropical dermatology: marine and aquatic dermatology.  
19860134 After 40 years gossypiboma caused spleen abscess.  
20453420 Microbicidal efficacy of povidone-iodine in a noncontact manner applied to a continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis connection system.  
20453774 Description of a technique for vacuum-assisted deep drains in the management of cavitary defects and deep infections in devastating military and civilian trauma.  
2069216 Tissue artefacts caused by sponge in embedding cassettes.  
20704855 Coupling of anti-thrombotic agents to red blood cells offers safer and more effective management of thrombosis.  

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