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17943714 Hyrtiosal, from the marine sponge Hyrtios erectus, inhibits HIV-1 integrase binding to viral DNA by a new inhibitor binding site.  
18217716 Secondary metabolites from three Florida sponges with antidepressant activity.  
18514306 In vitro evaluation of biodegradation of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) sponges.  
19204503 Comparison of new hemostatic granules/powders with currently deployed hemostatic products in a lethal model of extremity arterial hemorrhage in swine.  
19233161 NP04634 prevents cell damage caused by calcium overload and mitochondrial disruption in bovine chromaffin cells.  
19249715 Postoperative small bowel obstruction associated with use of hemostatic agents.  
19700097 Comparison of 10 hemostatic dressings in a groin puncture model in swine.  
20338196 Marine compounds and their antiviral activities.  
20482980 Development of a wound dressing composed of hyaluronic acid sponge containing arginine and epidermal growth factor.  
20850681 Tissue reaction to silver nanoparticles dispersion as an alternative irrigating solution.  

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