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20550601 Bacterial growth kinetic without the influence of the immune system using vacuum-assisted closure dressing with and without negative pressure in an in vitro wound model.  
2121070 Use of a chlorhexidine dressing to reduce microbial colonization of epidural catheters.  
21704644 In vivo toxic and lethal cardiovascular effects of a synthetic polymeric 1,3-dodecylpyridinium salt in rodents.  
21822673 Coordination of lapachol to bismuth(III) improves its anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activities.  
21858907 Sponge biosilica formation involves syneresis following polycondensation in vivo.  
22497885 Differential effects of fondaparinux and bemiparin on angiogenic and vasculogenesis-like processes.  
22847084 A novel sponge-based wound stasis dressing to treat lethal noncompressible hemorrhage.  
23196150 Essential plant oils and headache mechanisms.  
239150 Prostaglandins and the anti-inflammatory activities of aspirin and sodium salicylate.  
2641138 [Current treatment of simple retinal detachment. Advantages and inconveniences of permanent and temporary scleral buckling compared with gas expansion of the retina].  

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