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14599618 Adrenomedullin is increased in the portal circulation during chronic sepsis in rats.  
1587033 Nasal packing after septoplasty.  
16418246 T1 signal hyperintensity in the sellar region: spectrum of findings.  
18390923 Glucogenic supply increases ovulation rate by modifying follicle recruitment and subsequent development of preovulatory follicles without effects on ghrelin secretion.  
19364879 Medullary sponge kidney associated with primary distal renal tubular acidosis and mutations of the H+-ATPase genes.  
3684232 Bacterial scleral abscesses after retinal buckling operations. Pathogenesis, management, and laboratory investigations.  
3932096 From Beaumont to poison ivy: marine sponge cell aggregation and the secretory basis of inflammation.  
7747587 The effect of brief intrascleral or episcleral application of mitomycin C on the ciliary epithelium and pressure in the rabbit eye.  
9389523 The cortical actin cytoskeleton of lactotropes as an intracellular target for the control of prolactin secretion.  
9763202 The effects of ceramide and its analogues on the secretion of the mucocyst content of Tetrahymena.  

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