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11011767 Biocompatibility and performance in vitro of a hemostatic gelatin sponge.  
11891333 Aluminum-dependent regulation of intracellular silicon in the aquatic invertebrate Lymnaea stagnalis.  
18454276 Brazilian marine sponge Polymastia janeirensis induces apoptotic cell death in human U138MG glioma cell line, but not in a normal cell culture.  
22004963 Cytotoxic activity of extracts of marine sponges from NW Spain on a neuroblastoma cell line.  
22291955 Discovery that theonellasterol a marine sponge sterol is a highly selective FXR antagonist that protects against liver injury in cholestasis.  
23234176 Viscoelastic phase separation in soft matter and foods.  
4163356 Determination of serum thyroxine using a resin sponge technique.  
576563 Cyclophosphamide effect on collagen metabolism in granulation tissue, skin, and aorta of rats.  
6155755 Proteoglycans, DNA, and RNA in rat granulation tissue, skin, and aorta. Biochemical and histological studies.  
6256214 Methylaplysinopsin and other marine natural products affecting neurotransmission.  

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