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10391356 A new method for the treatment of graft infection in the thoracic aorta: in situ preservation.  
10394553 Transhepatic artery chemoembolization for liver metastases of primary retroperitoneal endodermal sinus tumor. A case report.  
10470339 Control of zoophilic malaria vectors by applying pyrethroid insecticides to cattle.  
10775679 The effect of epidermal growth factor on the fetal rabbit mandibular condyle and isolated condylar fibroblasts.  
1081839 Selective arterial embolization for control of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.  
1085008 Transcatheter therapeutic embolization in the management of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.  
10993617 Angiographic embolization of bilateral internal iliac arteries to control life-threatening hemorrhage after blunt trauma to the pelvis.  
11030881 Effective control of hepatic bleeding with a novel collagen-based composite combined with autologous plasma: results of a randomized controlled trial.  
1112646 Selective arterial embolization for the control of traumatic splenic bleeding.  
11164398 Gluteal muscle necrosis following transcatheter angiographic embolisation for retroperitoneal haemorrhage associated with pelvic fracture.  

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